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The Hoot from Humio

May 19, 2020

John visits with Pratik Gupta, CTO, IBM Hybrid Cloud Management & IBM Distinguished Engineer, and Morten Gram, Humio EVP, to talk about this IBM original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement and the value it will bring to customers. The companies will collaborate on solutions that help clients continually ingest streaming data across their infrastructure, and help identify a variety of problems from application service down-time to cyberattacks. 

“One of the most interesting aspects of Humio I found was its unique architecture that allowed it to be very high performant and scale to enterprise needs. So that got me more interested in learning about Humio and its capabilities and how to actually work with our enterprise clients, both who are on the cloud and on premises.”

Pratik Gupta, CTO, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Read more about the announcement: Humio accelerates its momentum with extended collaboration with IBM.

Before addressing the OEM announcement, Pratik explains his initial interest in Humio, and what led to it becoming part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. He describes how Humio contributes to the overall function of the Cloud Pak. 

It’s really part of an overall hybrid cloud management control plane which is bringing together all aspects of visibility and governance and automation for our platform. So Humio is a great fit working for Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management.” 

Pratik and Morten explain the nature of the OEM Agreement, and how it builds on the existing relationship between the two companies to provide opportunities for both as they grow. 

“We’re announcing an expansion of the partnership with IBM... The two companies are going to get closer and IBM is going to work even more with Humio and expand Humio’s usage out to different areas of IBM.