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The Hoot from Humio

Mar 25, 2020

Today, Humio announced Series B funding, led by Dell Technologies Capital, and that an industry-first new Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan will be coming later this year. 

To talk about both, John is joined by Deepak JeevanKumar, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital and new Humio board member, and Morten...

Mar 19, 2020

This week, John talks with Miguel Adams, a security officer at a US government agency. Miguel shares his thoughts on why they chose Humio, and offers some suggestions for other agency personnel that are charged with keeping their infrastructure secure and resilient. 

They use Humio to look for malicious activity,...

Mar 6, 2020

His journey as a student, working at NeXT, earning a Ph.D., and creating Humio

In Episode 18, John visits with Kresten Krab Thorup, CTO and co-founder of Humio. 

In this special episode, we get to know Kresten better. You’ll be inspired by his story, and you’ll get to see what makes him so brilliant and so warm and...